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BabiesTravelLite.com is dedicated to making traveling with a baby easier and more enjoyable

We know how challenging it is to travel with an infant or toddler. And how intimidating it can be to choose between the best baby products. We know because we've been there (and still are there now). My wife and I have a now-three-year old, so a lot of our content ideas come from firsthand experiences that happen during our own travels. As for our reviews, we only review specialty products that make baby and parenting simpler, and buying decisions easier.

As a special service to you, we maintain a Travel Guide category. This collection of articles is intended to be a resource for parents taking a vacation with baby. Whether you're taking baby on vacation to Walt Disney World, Las Vegas, a five star golf resort or grandma's house (our most frequent trip), we hope the baby travel guide articles will help answer questions and provide helpful baby travel tips and suggestions about family travel.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Babies Travel Lite, and we hope you'll let us make your next baby vacation easier, and your parenting-related purchase decisions more enjoyable by reading through our articles, reviews and helpful pages.

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